Inducting New Student-Athletes to CAS

With many spring sports gearing up for competition, the end of the academic calendar for many of our members is fast approaching. The end of the year hopefully finds your schools raising championship trophies and competing in the national tournament for many of your sports.

End of the year celebrations are also common for many of our members and is a great time to recognize new inductees for your school's chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma. The steps to induct new members is easy! Simply complete an Excel document with each student-athlete you wish to induct this year with the following information on them: full name, their sport, year in school (junior/senior), and their cumulative GPA.

Once you have completed this document and all of the information has been verified by the appropriate authorities at your institution, email it to and he will be able to send you the certificates that can be handed to each of the student-athletes. As always, contact us if you have any questions.